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War on Racism

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White Supremacists are out, and proud more recently than ever. Their trolling is no longer limited to fake accounts on media web pages, but now has surfaced to “protesting” in front of schools, yelling in public settings and of course violence that has never or will never be called terrorism.

So what do we do? Besides feeling hurt and powerless, how can be equip ourselves with tools to react? Let’s be honest for a second, racism fucking hurts. I’ve been growing up for years without “in your face” racism, and more systemic and institutional racism, that when faced with it, I’m unclear how to respond. Not only because I am afraid, but because sometimes the person is so clearly uneducated, that anything I try to explain will not process through the white brick wall that holds hostage their ability to think. But also let’s be real, I’m not going down as someone killed by a racist, and I do fear for my life in the midst of white supremacy.

I want them to feel numb. I want them to be punished. I want consequences for racism. Is that too much to ask?

Then, I started thinking, why don’t we start a war on racism? The government has always started the “war on drugs” or “war on terrorism” for their own mutual benefit of either meddling in foreign affairs, or incarcerating innocent black, indigenous and racialized people. So lets force the government to start a war on racism. I want every racist troll that makes a Facebook post, makes a racist comment at a family event or even to a racialized person to tremble. I want racism to be a crime. Not one that you need to go to a human rights tribunal for, but one that you can just call the police on and have someone charged. When someone invades my sense of safety, I want them to be arrested and taken to jail. I want them to have to seek bail, and I want them to worry about not having to make bail and stay in jail for the rest of their life for being a racist. Now let me be clear, I do not by any means believe the justice system will help or believe in what it is meant to accomplish, but I would like to see used for my benefit for once. Yes, you’re probably thinking, this is never going to happen. We see police officers openly on camera kill black people, and not be charged. But that’s why I want police to have the responsibility to do this. I want those that perpetuate this same hatred and violence against the black community, to have to arrest white supremacists. I want them to throw them in jail, and lock up the key. I want them to have to pull out their guns for white supremacists making racist remarks, and for them to have their head held down on concrete feeling the cold floor and think that this could be the end. Maybe then white supremacists will stop saying blue lives matter? When it turns on them. When that system is no longer there to protect them. Where they see multiple people of their own constantly targeted (for what their perceive is injustice, when really it isn’t, and should be the way we actually operate as a society)

I know this is not ideal at all, can we make it legislation that needs to be followed. Let’s take advantages of the politicians that use our communities, Let’s instill so much fear into being a racist that even being a closeted racist will push people to confess their sins and change. Where is the shame in being a racist? Why do we look so poorly on those committing certain crimes, than those that are dividing our community and harming others? I want this crime of racism to hurt so bad, that these white supremacists live in constant fear like we do. That they fear the systems created to protect them, and see how easily they can turn against them and shake up their faith. I want them to have no other result, and feel helpless, and feel like there is nothing they can do. I want them to feel like me and you.

I want them to feel numb. I want them to be punished. I want consequences for racism. Is that too much to ask? I’m done with the policy. If we are going to use a regressive justice system for other crimes, then we should create tough, concrete law that also throws the racists in prison for years. Maybe then we’ll start seeing some change. Maybe when those who oppress, and are forced to live in the same confines as those who are constantly oppressed, will the systems change. I don’t believe in any of the systems I’ve stated above, but I’m tired, and I needed to give myself an option. Why do I have to pay taxes to not have any form of repercussion when facing racism? Where is the war on white supremacy? I’m not risking my life anymore towards racists, I need them to be held accountable, and we should all demand our safety be a priority.

You want to protest Islam and intimidate Muslim students and their safety with racist comments? JAIL

Oh, looking to make racist comments about immigrants, and them stealing your jobs? JAIL! And nope, were not solving that one with education on indigenous people of the land, that’s too easy. Don’t expect handouts. You could have googled it for free before, but you didn’t, so yes JAIL.

Oh, you’ve hired no racialized people because you feel they didn’t have qualifications? How did you even become a manager without understanding equity? Not a priority? Cool, JAIL!

White male that appears to be a lone wolf? Hmm, we’re going to have to take safety measures and create a registry for that, and have constant searches whether its travelling to other countries that have racialized people, spot checks, oh and my favourite there will be carding. Think this is an issue and your rights are being infringed on? It is for the safety of the free world, so please comply.

Want to have all the “Exotic and ethnic food” and still be a racist, sorry we have the right not to serve you. Please take a seat at restaurants that have no spice or flavor, because we are sick and tired of you stealing our culture and food.

OH oH oh oh, tanning has also been banned. And boxed braids. And anything to do with black/indigenous/other culture that you steal.

Also, turmeric will now only be imported straight to racialized households. Sorry, not sorry.



Avini – Community Activist


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