May 27, 2017 1 min to read

Multiple Legacies

Category : Art

Our culture, our identity, our vision
Our success, our sorrow, our mission
Where are we headed; who are we – decision –
Do I forget where I came from – intention –
Or does it just happen?
Sacrifices made by those we will always honour
So that we could make it to another land
I now have the freedom to see wealth, taste power
Build a legacy, formulate & execute my plans.


I look back to learn from our history
Pre-dating war, oppression, or any kind of bigotry
It tells me we had legacies, we were Kings & Queens
We now have the power to fulfill our destinies
So here we are, in multiple countries
Can we ever leave our house, even if the home is free
After establishing ourselves, building careers & families
Is there a break between the house that shelters and the home where the heart is free.

Truth be told, both goals can coincide
Co-exist, to focus, on success in foreign land
And still have a hand in freedom of the home land
Learn the foreign language, and speak with pride in our Mother Tongue
May we never forget our roots, succeed across the world under the Sun
And as we thrive to new limits, build back home with dominance
We will strive where we stand, swimming in self sustenance.



Johnathan Uthyakumar



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