November 8, 2018 2 min to read

Remembering in Times of Uncertainty

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To the Tamil diaspora living all around the world, especially the youth, you live in a crucial moment, a time when the duty falls on your shoulders. The month of November is a monumental moment for us all.

The chauvinist Sri Lankan state has recently made developments that have shaken the entire island and rippled to every corner of the world. In order to break down the Sri Lankan state’s strategy of controlling the whole island, we must identify the root cause leading to the current regime change.

Since 2009, the Sri Lankan government has added the North and East of the island as newly acquired states to its existing state structure. In hopes of gaining complete control, the state had two options:

1) Completely eradicate the Tamil people from their homeland.

2) Isolate and assimilate the Tamil people into the current state structure.


We see the second strategy in full effect with the increased militarization and occupation of areas the Tamil people consider their homeland. The Sri Lankan state needs strong arms to ensure people abide by their strict laws, and we will continue to see a rise in the occupation and militarization of the North and East of the island.

The government has entrusted a few inhabitants with the task of keeping relations friendly while ensuring Tamil people’s dependence on the state to further the state’s control over the newly acquired land and people. This is evident with the newly appointed Tamil minister, Douglas Devananda. These appointed individuals will have the Tamil people believe it was their resilience that allowed for the reemergence of Maveerar Naal throughout the island, when in reality, the Sri Lankan state’s strategy is to allow people to remember in order to change Tamil people’s view of the state from a genocidal one to a reconciliation one.

The effects of this regime change will have severe implications in this month of November. The imminent fear of Rajapakse’s past actions will threaten the Tamil people’s safety and freedom to remember their loved ones on Maveerar Naal. The new government will encourage its Sinhala Buddhist constituents to aggressively pursue their national superiority over the Tamil people.

To re-emphasize your role in all of this, there needs to be an understanding of how the Sri Lankan strategy affects your ability to reflect on the vows taken on Maveerar Naal. We must re-examine the demands put forward and find the truth in the principles each Tamil fought to preserve. With the ongoing developments in Sri Lanka, the Tamil body outside of the island must fight the urge to react to these short-term challenges. Our only option is to destroy the Sri Lankan chauvinistic ideology that allows for these events to occur.

      To ensure that the Tamil people attain their freedom and live with dignity, the diaspora must revive the very principles rooted in the sovereignty of Tamil Eelam, the principles our martyrs fought and died for. If we want our freedom, our confirmation in our principles is our strongest weapon.



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