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Ananthi Sasitharan on Militirization in Sri Lanka

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Ananthi Sasitharan, the Northern Provincial Minister of women’s affairs, rehabilitation, social services, food supply distribution and industries, sheds light on the issues faced by the Tamil people living under the occupation of Sri Lankan armed forces.

Ananthi Sasitharan’s Interview with Seeds of the Revolution;


Q: Militarization is ongoing in the north and east of Sri Lanka, what are your thoughts on the issue?


At the last United Nations Assembly, the Sri Lankan State promised to remove all military from traditional Tamil Lands. The reality is, the government’s presence is still here, and atrocities are ongoing everywhere. In remote villages, we see a large military hostile takeover now becoming a part of villager’s daily lives.  On one side, the Northern Provincial Council has repeatedly called for the immediate removal of the military, for which we see the state government continually say it isn’t possible. This situation has no end. One, this is a strategy to destroy and erase our culture, traditions and history. On top of that in homes, with women as the head of household, the military’s unauthorized violence takes place. They have also occupied traditional Tamil Lands. The states theft of traditional lands is unchecked, it can only be described as a planned and executed genocide. The removal of the Sri Lankan State military is the utmost concern. We have no trust in Sri Lankan State to deliver a solution, hence why we ask other countries to intervene. With their intervention, the military must be removed. The war is over, the Sri Lankan State has told the international community that they are embarking on a path towards peace and reconciliation. If that’s the case, why is two-thirds of Sri Lanka military stationed in the North and East? Now they are claiming we have no jobs for the military. The State intends to create jobs in civil services for them. We don’t have jobs for Tamils living in the North and East. Yet, the government is promising civil service jobs for military personnel only. Should we be okay with this? Those are just some of the reasons. I am certain that they need to be removed from traditional Tamil Lands. The Sri Lankan Military is a chauvinist Sinhala ideology, with no room for Tamils. This is an illegal Sinhala settlement. We ask for the removal of all military, we must also understand that the military is not like other nations, to safeguard civilians, the intention of the Sri Lankan state is to destroy and erase Tamil Culture. Their intention is clear. Their presence is not for our well-being. We are clear that they need to be removed immediately.




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